Why choose Nat'Inov?


Nat'Inov is a human-sized company, recognised on its market. This recognition is the fruit of team work carried out by an enthusiastic, multidisciplinary team. Our inventive and enthusiastic pharmacists, chemists, biochemists and vegetal specialists provide their expertise to create and develop your products of tomorrow.


Nat'Inov - sourcing of raw plant material

Nat'Inov is situated in the heart of the Chemillé region (Maine et Loire), France's medicinal vegetal capital. This region whose history and land are linked with medicinal plants provides an optimum environment for the manufacturing of high quality vegetal extracts.
The Pays de Loire region plays a major role in the plant industry. It is the only one in Europe to bring together and centralise research, experimentation and training centres as well as producing companies.

Nat'Inov therefore relies on local partners and works closely with:

Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction, competitive cluster plant, Vegepolys  

Nat'Inov, Plant extracts, health plant, beauty and wellness, Phytolia

Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction, Institute perfume plants, medicinal and aromatic, Iteipmai

VEGEPOLYS: the plant competitiveness cluster

PHYTOLIA: A professional association that groups together players from the health, beauty and well-being plant sector

L'ITEIPMAI: the interprofessional institute of perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants.

Our assets

Nat'Inov is :

    - Transparency
    - Respect of confidentiality
    - Short deadlines

And above all an ability to listen, flexibility and reactivity


Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction and production of plant extracts

Nat'Inov invests in new technologies, continually improves its means of production...
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Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction, natural liquid extracts