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Why choose Nat'Inov?

Click to discover our special features and more particularly our teams, our production site and the qualities we put at your disposal to develop and produce your extracts.

Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction - development and production of plant extracts
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Manufacturer and creator of tailor-made vegetal extracts, Nat'Inov relies on a high-performance production tool and a multidisciplinary team to obtain the best from vegetal extraction.

Our aim is to put our skills at your disposal to develop vegetal extracts adapted to your applications and your image.

Whatever your need, we offer you support through tailor-made, specific services:
-    Sourcing of raw vegetal materials
-    Conception of vegetal extracts: development in the laboratory and pilot manufacturing
-    Production of extracts in dry or liquid form from the kilo to the ton
-    Conception and manufacturing of food supplements

You want to develop a new product?

Everyday our human-sized company strives to offer you innovative, natural solutions.

Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction - sourcing of vegetable raw materialsNat'Inov - conception of plant extracts and laboratory analysisNat'Inov, production of vegetable extracts, dry and liquid, conventional and organicNat'Inov - cultivation and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants


Nat'Inov, vegetal extraction and production of plant extracts

Nat'Inov invests in new technologies, continually improves its means of production...
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